You deliver the idea – we help you design it.



By the targeted development of structures, we help you to grow with your idea.



As a critical and honest consultant, we point out an exit if it seems profitable and necessary to us.

Designing · Ideas

The motto of our law firm

The motto of our law firm “Designing · Ideas” of course takes a very special effect when it comes to advising on start-ups so that “Starting Up the Business” does not quickly become “Closing Down the Shop”.

Together with our clients, we analyze all business ideas, business models and business plans in detail. We see ourselves as a critical and at the same time honest consultant and partner – so in one case or another we might also advise against an implementation.

If we are stimulated by the optimism that accompanies a new business idea, we draft all necessary contracts (under corporate law, labor law, distribution, trademark and licensing law etc.) on the basis of detailed knowledge of your conception.

Individual needs

tailor-made for our clients

Our clients know that we tailor the contents of agreements (with the vesting clauses, good leaver/bad leaver provisions, call/put constructions, tag-along and drag-along agreements etc. that are typical of start-ups) individually to their needs.

Above all, however, we also help with financing and provide comprehensive advice on the day-to-day business of our joint “babies”. As a rule, the development of start-ups never proceeds exactly as originally planned. Start-ups (and especially those at the intersection between “old economy” and “new economy”) quite often develop an incredible dynamism.

We help with any necessary “readjustments” – not only legally but also with our networks. Thus, the founders are able to further expand their business activities in Germany and abroad, e. g. by acquiring other companies, or to earn the reward for their efforts by selling shares at attractive multiples.