Dr. Angela Duvinage


Dr. Angela Duvinage

Lawyer / Business Mediator

Sometimes, despite all efforts, it is not possible to settle a dispute out of court. Then Dr. Angela Duvinage takes over the forensic support in all disputes under commercial, economic and corporate law. True to our motto “Design · Ideas”, the chances and risks of a case are thoroughly analyzed. This is the point of orientation when it comes to the preparation and planning of the litigation strategy, taking into account the risk assessment and continuously further exploring the chances for an out-of-court settlement in a creative manner.

All this requires ingenuity, good observation and perseverance. It is precisely with these skills that even complex legal problems can be solved or successfully enforced in the event of a dispute. Dr. Duvinage succeeds in this time and time again, not least because she is able to grasp the most complicated topics with scientific precision and, despite their complexity, to present them in an understandable way.

With her many years of experience in the entire field of corporate law, Dr. Duvinage has retained her creativity and her ability to think outside the box. She takes the time to look at things from all sides. Thus, our law firm and its clients benefit in a very special way from the astonishing output of our “engine of innovation with outstanding creative power”.