Designers of Ideas

The somewhat different law firm

For decades, designing ideas has meant for us being there for our clients more individually, being a “somewhat different law firm”. This includes concentrating on core skills and focusing on tailor-made solutions that go far beyond the purely legal aspects if required.

Our specialization comes to expression in our conviction: (family) businesses can only be successful in the long term with tailor-made conceptions and contracts. In the sports and media sector, celebrities (athletes, artists, show hosts and presenters) and events can only be marketed sensibly if the constantly changing economic and technical framework conditions are taken into account.

And start-ups need a real understanding of their business ideas and business plans, innovative financing strategies and good business contacts in order to properly establish themselves in a legally and economically tailored environment.

This is our conviction, and our law firm is positioned accordingly.

Designers of Ideas

“The somewhat different law firm” 

Prof. Dr. Peter Duvinage

Lawyer / Tax Consultant

Dr. Angela Duvinage

Lawyer / Business Mediator

Christian Schmid

Lawyer / Business Mediator