Sports & Media


Exploitation of Rights

The exploitation of media and advertising rights as an intersection between sports and media – advice from a legal and economic perspective.



We guarantee each of our clients tailor-made individual and personal advice.



The creation of “human brands” with attractive advertising appearances as testimonials in classic media and as influencers in the digital media.

“Content is King!”

This slogan, which has become a bit outdated in web design, still has its full meaning in sports and media law:

The many distributors of rights (TV, Internet, mobile) are urgently dependent on attractive program contents and thus, most of all, on sports.

As a result, the marketing of sports rights has developed explosively and changed dramatically in recent decades. From the very beginning, our law firm has been involved in this process at the intersection between sports and media; we have played a significant role in the exploitation of media and advertising sports rights in Germany.

Today we focus on advising original rights holders in sports, i. e. federations, leagues, clubs and individual athletes.

In the area of film/television and entertainment

we concentrate on comprehensive consulting.

In the field of film/television and entertainment, we concentrate on comprehensive consulting for media agencies, artists, actors and show hosts/presenters.

We support our prominent clients in structuring new conceptions, including innovative TV formats. Besides, we specialize in the conception and legal implementation of contracts in the fields of rights licensing, sponsoring and TV production.