Prof. Dr. Peter Duvinage


Prof. Dr. Peter Duvinage

Lawyer / Tax Consultant

Prof Duvinage is a person who likes to shape and design ideas and get involved. This is obvious not only from his work in business law, sports and media law, but also in his capacity as a professor at several high-flying universities.

Clients regularly ask Prof Duvinage to ensure that their business ideas be tailored in a legally and economically resilient way. These clients know that Prof Duvinage will provide them with active support both in the conceptual phase and in the implementation of their ideas.

In his advice, which goes far beyond mere matters of law, Prof Duvinage specialises in all issues concerning mid-sized family businesses (corporate law, M&A, crisis management, strategic restructuring, family business successions), professional sports (associations, leagues, clubs and individual athletes), the media (celebrity endorsements, media law, social media, sponsorship and marketing agreements) and providing start-ups with comprehensive advice (from founding through to financing and sale). Clients profit from his many years of experience and the networks he has built up on a national and international level over several years.