Prof. Dr. Peter Duvinage


Prof. Dr. Peter Duvinage

Lawyer / Tax Consultant

“I have to talk to Professor Duvinage about this!”, we hear entrepreneurs say time and again, not only when there is a dispute with a business partner or trouble with fellow shareholders. Much more often, our clients mean that they have an idea which they would like to shape together with us in a legally, managerially and economically reliable manner. The idea thus becomes a concrete conception, and our clients know that Prof. Duvinage vigorously supports them in its implementation.

In this activity, which goes far beyond purely legal matters, Prof. Duvinage has specialized in all aspects of family businesses (strategic reorientation, expansion, company succession, crisis management and sale), in all professional sports (advising federations, leagues, clubs and individual athletes), in the media (marketing of celebrities, media rights, social media and advertising contracts) and in providing comprehensive advice to start-ups (from founding to financing and sale). His clients benefit from his many years of experience and his networks built up over many years in Germany and abroad.

Prof. Duvinage is a person who likes to design and contribute. This is evident not only in his professional activities as a business and media lawyer and tax consultant but also in his teaching activities as a professor at various renowned universities.